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To all my readers.

This is today’s news from me to you. Like usual I am in Thailand, working again. More people than ever risk their lives on the trafficker’s boats along the cost and the rivers from Bangladesh and Myanmar. Based on local observations and media around 54.000 people have taken the life threatening journey that they believe… Read more »

Opium, the golden triangle

The other day we decided to keep us up at one of the checkpoints near Doi Mae Salong , police were unusually active in the area, after a tip. A man named Kua 39 years old and his girlfriend , hear Oonsang 29 years was arrested with ten kilograms Crystal , methamphetamine and nine million… Read more »

Opium the way to Hell!

There is no doubt that the Golden Triangle has regained its golden reputation as Southeast Asia’s most producing area of Opium. At the moment of writing, I am sitting on one of the mountainstops next to the border of Myanmar, formerly Burma ,this is bringing me inspiration for planning my next novel series, Opium …. Read more »