Pilarna illustrerar transportvägarna för barn och unga kvinnor

The arrows illustrates the trasportation route for kids and young women

Vietnam has long been a country of origin for women and children being smuggled into neighboring countries for forced labor and sex slavery. The smuggling is often conducted through fraudulent marriages that lead to sex slavery in South Korea, Taiwan and Europe.

Men and women often find themselves in debt bondage in the construction industry and the fishing industry in Malaysia , Taiwan, China and the Middle East.
The country also has an internal problems with women being taken from the countryside into the cities, becoming sex slaves at brothels. Vietnam is also a destination for child sex tourism, with offenders coming primarily from Japan, Korea, Europe, UK, USA and Australia.

The country’s government has not met the requirements to eliminate trading with human beings, but are make great efforts to, and co-operates with the governments of Cambodia, Thailand and China to help the victims and apprehend traffickers.

There are reports that officers working at border crossings are looking the other way, even with strict laws that can lead to up to twenty years in prison.
So called ”Dating Agencies” are traveling around the countryside looking for young attractive girls, aged thirteen to fourteen, to present them with photographs of rich men from South Korea, Macau, Malaysia and Thailand looking for marriage. They are attracted into the country on these false terms, and later end up in prostitution.

It is also common that girls get lured into working as masseuses, and after taking a short course on how to satisfy men, they are brought to work in brothels. The Government is increasing its efforts to protect victims in the sex trade, together with local organizations and the Central Council of Women.

They government has also been training staff at border crossings to spot trafficking, but with little result.

vietnam human trafficking-01[1]

As many as one third of the 55,000 prostitutes in Cambodia are girls under the age of 18 coming from Vietnamese villages.

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