To all of you who want to donate to Bee with us.

As you all might already know, Bee with us came to existance through Prim and Bee the two main characters in the trilogy. They decide in the last episode of Sista Färden to create
This happens in the last chapter and the reason is as follows:

– ”Bee does anyone know what trafficking really is? Business with people is what trafficking really is and we know exactly what it stands for. We can bring our knowledge out to the world in an easy and accessible way and this might wake people up”

Bee with us has been created to spread this information to the next generation. Our youth in high school, college and we are striving to make this part of the education system everywhere. The knowledge about this is very limited right now and we need to educate as many people we can and spread information.

Bee with us is also created to have corporations/companies involved to help create a more humane society and a society without trafficking.

The above information is therefore the reason why we have implemented donation buttons, the money collected will go to developing Bee with us information and organization and to help us do what we do best.

Staffan Nordstrand

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