Leaving the heart of the Golden Triangle to their own time.

A time that has been there a long time and many of us find it difficult to understand and well into the future never comes close.
I am sure I will never get to experience moments like those I ‘ve had in the mountains and valleys that are so beautifully green at this time , that it hurts the eyes when the förmidagen , before the sun is highest , looks over what forms the Golden Triangle .
I understand a lot more now , which is why it is called the Golden Triangle .
When I ‘m not on the flower during February harvested for their opium latex.
I think of the people who entrusted their poverty smiles kindly and give of themselves .
I will long preserve the memory of the Akha – woman to a secret price , between her and me , handed a very special thing that I carry with me.
The I will reveal later.
I thought that the woman , whose name I can not pronounce or write were at least 80 years old.
She was about 1:30 long and could possibly weigh up to 40 kg.
When I would hug her, I felt through her ​​beautiful home-made clothes as she weaved and posses for about two years , her shoulder bones and bony arms.
When she smiled and thanked for their language , also spoke to the small black teeth their own language.
She was not a day older than 50 years, but she had smoked opium during his time as adults because of the opium will not be so long.
Now begins my time and that is that in Opium novel describing, morning mist , the burnt smell of the fields , the cool morning hour in February when the harvest takes place and the people that Adrian will experience .
I understand now why I was not allowed to have phone or camera with me.
Yes would never be able to create the image in a camera that my eye has seen, the camera would never be able to give the scents and feel.
The mobile phone would not get a single signal , so why carry it with them .
Thanks to the time passed and I got a little time of my life in it.


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