To all my readers.

This is today’s news from me to you.

Like usual I am in Thailand, working again.

More people than ever risk their lives on the trafficker’s boats along the cost and the rivers from Bangladesh and Myanmar. Based on local observations and media around 54.000 people have taken the life threatening journey that they believe will improve their lives. A story they heard from human smugglers. Almost 53.000 of these have Thailand and Malaysia as their target.

Most of them are transported between October to March, but during October this year the transports have doubled compared to last year. About 21.000 are Rohingya (an ethnic group, google and read more) and Bangla that takes the chance and of these about 10 % are women. If they are young they will most definitely be sold to brothels in Thailand. Many under 18 and children take the trip without families or anyone who could possibly be of some kind of protection.

Totally about 120.000 people has been shipped off like this, out on the ocean against a payment of 1500 to 2500 dollars. The trafficker’s has earned overwhelming sums on this, over 200 million dollars.

If there is room on the boats, which it almost always is, men, women and children are kidnapped. Mostly young women. With a gun to their heads they are forced on the boats.

The circumstances on the boats are disgusting, as you can imagine. No water, no toilets, no food and if anyone complains they are beat up, often with a deadly outcome. It is believed that up to 600-700 persons have to leave the boats like this, to float ashore on a beach in Thailand.

In Thailand there are those who want’s to tell about this, to the UNHCR’s staff. About how they are transported in small ships and brought ashore to small camps where they have been held captive, men and women divided in different camps.

Apart from the women being systematically raped they were forced to call their families, asking for more money so that their lives would be a tiny bit more tolerable.

This is trafficking without anything like it in this region, and what do we do? We could at least help to spread the knowledge about this, not just read what I write and then give up with a pale sigh.

Regards Staffan, who is now returning to safe Sweden.

To all of you from us att Beewithus

On many occasions since the start of, we have received questions as to how you can help.

I have at all times posted and said that, if you are to donate, give the money to the small local businesses in the specific places, that is something we still want you to do.

But for us to reach out with beewithus to those who need to know and learn about traffickin, we also need funding.
Therefore, I must get back to all of you who previously offered donations to Beewithus, if you are still out there give contribution to the business by clicking on the donation buttons or on the menu up top where it says donate.

To all others who want to make a contribution to beewithus, I would again clarify that these funds go to building out beewithus and not to any existing orphanages.

It may mean, depending on the amount of funds that we engage orphanage and youth activities within our borders.
Trafficking and sacrifice is nothing that only occurs outside our borders but it also happens here, very close to us.
It is very well established in our country and it is growing. Let us try to make things better together united.

Staffan N

The construction firm, sexslaves and other important information

Trafficking of children , young women and women in general , for sex in the world is huge .
Trafficking in women and men for slave work in the industry and on farms in the countryside throughout Asia , Europe, Africa and South America reaches the limit.
Well over 20 million mäniskor .
Sex slave trade in the Baltic States , the Balkans , Russia and throughout Europe, including our countries in Scandinavia have gone so far that the police and authorities lose grip and gets very little money in order to take in turn the problems.
All police forces, customs units , politicians, administrators and investigators at the UN. U.S. international intelligence police, journalists , media professionals and even ordinary people who travel, read, see and hear, know this.
Authorities and organizations , EU, UN and ILO and others are incredibly talented investigating with millions of pages narration of these facts.
I have tried to take me through a few thousand of them , and while it’s being investigated, written and then read by the authors’ colleagues in the various organizations who then dunks each other in the backs and think that the investigations are amazing, traded it even more with the people .
How the fuck can it be possible that a person can take a young girl on the way home from school , rape her , kidnap her and then sell her at auction to any brothel in Europe.
Moreover, as can be proved is that people within the above organizations are themselves occupant and customers.
There are already quotations from reports previously written in and Facebook.
EU with Cecilia Malmström in spettsen doing a good job , but the countries included contract turns her back.
These countries’ police know what the different is about 50 leagues , including the Italian Comoran who had been most active in the Balkans with trafficking of young women.

For some ancient tradition , fear, and possibly loss of commissions absent also force law against traders and merchants.
For traffickers great joy , do not have police, customs and other opposing organizations more time than , possibly eight hours per day.
They need to take time to plan their vacations, implement it, then after returning to work, talk about it for another week .
Go to a number of planning meetings , budget meetings and team meetings and try to create a realistic vision for the business.
Meanwhile, traders are working around the clock , without any holiday, with hard cash discipline and with a clear vision .
This document shall not be five hundred pages long, but an inciter of interest to what is going on in the world with the hope that all of you readers can start to bother you.
Almost two months ago , I sat and some friends in a berry-like building, not far from the border with Myanmar , formerly Burma, and discussed the situation in the country.
I wrote a bit about it on and Facebook recently .
One of those at the table , an outspoken journalist who, because of their desire to convey reality , had to leave the country.
He told how the military was involved in the unprovoked killing of tribe Rohingya and how these mäniskor sold out to various sites in neighboring countries.
Sold out in child sex trafficking , brothels and as slaves in various industries.

For about three weeks ago , it came to the Thai military’s attention that approximately three hundred Rohingya held in captivity outside Hat Yai in southern Thailand.
In a dense jungle area supervised by , heavily armed mäniskohandlare held these mäniskor for several days before the trip would go ahead with the boats.
The military learned about this by a person who lived in a nearby village and press people from the Phuketwan received the invitation to participate in conjunction with the planned crackdown.
Unfortunately, all came too late , the camp was empty and only a variety belongings were around five hundred square meters large area.
Clothes that testified to women ‘s and men’s presence.
Toys and headbands who testified that many children were included in the group, who attributed all the means are available, could not be found.
Later in my trip up in the north, before the adventure among the Akha people to get me all knowledge of opium, I learned that the Thai military is threatening journalists and outspoken .
They threaten with imprisonment up to five years if anything negative is written on its activities and already have two journalists from Reuters and one from Phuketwan felt the military approach.
At this writing , it will further cases which are worth to take in, read on Google and Phuketwan .
Return to opium and the search for the historic venue of the people in the Golden Triangle .
It’s led to end up in the intoxication after the novel ” The construction company ” becomes clear and the script lies with the publisher , for some time . If you bother to read further after Opium , I will , briefly explaining what ” construction company ” contains .
Opium has really captivated me and I will be heavily dependent for two years.

The thing that fascinates me is that all the roads out of the Golden Triangle has been known over a hundred years , to the resorts for the distribution and production of heroin, were the same and that production will increase by about twenty percent per year.
Refinement production also increases , that means a couple of hundred small sites where hiding in the huge mountains in the Triangle.
They manufacture most Ice , Ya- ma , Ya- ba addition to heroin .
It takes ten kilograms of opium to make one kilogram of heroin and grown hundreds of thousands of tons of opium in the area.
Today’s distribution in China, heroin , leads me to believe that the same families who handled it for over a hundred years ago , is still the same , but they have probably become more powerful , rich then about eighteen million Chinese are heroin addicts and they do not belong to the poor farmer in the country.
They come from the middle class and above.
The transport pathways supplemented and in addition to the class ‘s roads from the Balkans into Europe and from Holland in the north , all the unguarded regions between China than to Russia and further into Scandinavia.
All countries around us have unguarded borders.
Adrian’s journey has begun , the protagonist of the novel Opium and below you can see now the wave I got with me from the village with the opium -growing Akhafolket which was in full swing to reap its latex.

In the novel, you will follow six families in seven days , from Saturday to Saturday.
The different families all have some sort of relation to construction activities.
A family runs a construction company , north of Stockholm , with many Polish , Latvian, Estonian and Russian friends .
The other runs a painting business and rent while out Baltic labor.
The third is the police and uses her friends’ skills during an investigation that leads to the crackdown in reality.
The fourth work in the bank which helps several Baltic entrepreneurs to pay invoices to the Baltics, and also equity investments.
The fifth is an employee of a well-known U.S. owned bank that specializes in the investment of capital in large scale and where the word money laundering from the construction industry is not a concern. He also Estonian labor to help him with a private house building and as he drives as slaves for six thousand a month .
The sixth run a cleaning company , a management consulting and extensive rental of non Swedish labor including a brothel.
Some moves in gråsonen , some in the pitch-black son .
Everyone knows each other and benefit from each others kunnanden in the industry.
City of Stockholm and the banks pay out money to unregistered companies.
Banks help with paying bills abroad , the Baltics, attributed to the invoice issuance activity does not exist.
We will move us in the suburbs of Stockholm where prostitution , drugs and death are a part of everyday life in a part of the construction industry and builds you as readers will recognize as the novel builds to parts on real events.


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Leaving the heart of the Golden Triangle to their own time.

A time that has been there a long time and many of us find it difficult to understand and well into the future never comes close.
I am sure I will never get to experience moments like those I ‘ve had in the mountains and valleys that are so beautifully green at this time , that it hurts the eyes when the förmidagen , before the sun is highest , looks over what forms the Golden Triangle .
I understand a lot more now , which is why it is called the Golden Triangle .
When I ‘m not on the flower during February harvested for their opium latex.
I think of the people who entrusted their poverty smiles kindly and give of themselves .
I will long preserve the memory of the Akha – woman to a secret price , between her and me , handed a very special thing that I carry with me.
The I will reveal later.
I thought that the woman , whose name I can not pronounce or write were at least 80 years old.
She was about 1:30 long and could possibly weigh up to 40 kg.
When I would hug her, I felt through her ​​beautiful home-made clothes as she weaved and posses for about two years , her shoulder bones and bony arms.
When she smiled and thanked for their language , also spoke to the small black teeth their own language.
She was not a day older than 50 years, but she had smoked opium during his time as adults because of the opium will not be so long.
Now begins my time and that is that in Opium novel describing, morning mist , the burnt smell of the fields , the cool morning hour in February when the harvest takes place and the people that Adrian will experience .
I understand now why I was not allowed to have phone or camera with me.
Yes would never be able to create the image in a camera that my eye has seen, the camera would never be able to give the scents and feel.
The mobile phone would not get a single signal , so why carry it with them .
Thanks to the time passed and I got a little time of my life in it.


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Opium, the golden triangle

The other day we decided to keep us up at one of the checkpoints near Doi Mae Salong , police were unusually active in the area, after a tip.
A man named Kua 39 years old and his girlfriend , hear Oonsang 29 years was arrested with ten kilograms Crystal , methamphetamine and nine million baht in cash.

On the way to one of their customers in Chiang Mai, they were seized by the police from , department of Special Investigation (DSI ) and the local police region 5th
The two are members of one of the many Burmese gangs that live on , including drug transport.

The league leaders who also are involved in other forms of trafficking , Lt. Col. Yi See is wanted in Thailand Police in Thailand produces 5 million baht , about 1 million seconds to whoever provides tips that lead to arrest.

Pol Col Paisit Wongmnang , Director of DSI , said that the two will have approximately 500,000 baht for each journey they undertake.
DSI , got the tip from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Admin (DEA ) to a large delivery was on time in the district.

On the road from the checkpoint , which I photographed , we went through one of the prisons that are clearly visible from the road, north of Chiang Rai.
If you have only seen these walls, I do not understand how you can think of smuggling across these borders .

The walls and barbed wire along with the dark cell windows for some just give a picture of a cornfield outside is incredibly scary.
Through our motorcycle wanted to turn . A regular day in the Golden Triangle .

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Opium the way to Hell!

There is no doubt that the Golden Triangle has regained its golden reputation as Southeast Asia’s most producing area of Opium. At the moment of writing, I am sitting on one of the mountainstops next to the border of Myanmar, formerly Burma ,this is bringing me inspiration for planning my next novel series, Opium .

I started this a few years ago to collect facts and contacts to enable my job , and this is where it should all begin.

The novel series’ first part will be about the first Opium War between Britain and China, in 1838 and on into the second war, which I thought would be the last.

But I think, looking at present trends, there will probably be another war .

Meanwhile, so much has happened in the Golden Triangle .

When I wrote the “under the river triology” there were mountain people in many places, in the Triangle especially in Thailand, investing in alternatives, legal productions of flowers, vegetables, various forms of textile production, expanded rice paddies and other small businesses .

Projects like the Thai royal family has been a big reason for that and for the mountain people in Thailand meant much in their economic development.

But despite Thailand’s good will to increase production in the Triangle and when the prices of the alternative products is stationary and the price of opium increases take the poor farmer profitable opportunity for themselves .

The price of opium from the field , has about a year passed from 9.000 sec per kilogram to about 12,000 sec and very little of it goes to those who work with a very risky job for the landowner , which in many cases is their neighbor , with a gun during sleeping place .
Says a well experienced person who claims himself been involved in shipments to China.
The need in China, Hong Kong and Macau is so large that Thailand’s police chief calls the time of “happy hour” for the region’s drug traffickers .
UNODC ( United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ) , believe that China , Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan consume 70 % percent of all heroin used in the East Asia region.

Demand is so strong in China that the Golden Triangle can not produce enough to satisfy the market of millions depend .
We believe that China uses about 65 tons of heroin, it is not enough heroin in the Golden Triangle, so heroin from Afghanistan is also smuggled into China , said a spokesman for the UNODC .

This despite the fact that opium production increased by 100 % since 2006.
Almost all of opium is refined nowadays in the region which now supplies about 10% of the world’s heroin needs annually .
This also means that the region now has hundreds of small laboratory out in the jungle bushes.

These small lab produces hundreds of millions methamfetamin pill every year, and also at least as much Ice , a more stimulant drug .
Moreover, Ya- Ya- ma and ba .

Ya- ma is a drug which is mostly used to handle the hard work for a long time . For example, in the manufacturing industry where slavery exists , where the employee must work at least 14 hours a day and with a very short break for food in the workplace.
The drug is used very well in all forms of prostitution and sex trafficking . Ma means horse.

Ya- ba , is a much more dangerous drug. Ba, means crazy and those who use it often tend to act like one. Often, and in connection with the brawl, murder or ill-treatment has been shown that the Ya- ba occurred.

UNOCD , think the market is about 250 thousand million , in Swedish kronor .

Eastern Burma in Shan region , northern Laos , southern part of China Yannan Province and northern Thailand , the Golden Triangle is still the most lawless region on earth, but also one of the most beautiful and harmless to the tourists who avoid drugs.

Shan region is the second largest opium -producing region after Afghanistan.
In Laos , around the region Muang Long is perfect to cultivate Opium Flower , Papaver Somniferum , which is the only one of the approximately 200 species Poppy Flowers that give opium.

The area is perfect with the Mekong River , which has Myanmar, Laos and Thailand for the sides and top in southern China , Yannan area.
In my novels Over The River , I have previously described the eternal beings and the Mekong River .

October is the month in which the seed of the poppy occurs and 3 kg of poppy seeds is enough for 1 acre meadow, that after sowing stands in its fraudulent beautiful flowering until harvest time in February when the capsules are pruned up to 10 times in the afternoon.

A light latex -like substance coming out of the capsule that may stand until the following morning , to then harvested on its black dark opium.
The color of the latex modified during the night hours .

Akha , a tribe that lives mostly in very secluded areas of the Triangle, is among the poorest tribal people in the mountain region.
The only thing they can grow corn , rice and opium, it is their only source of income.

Corn fields which are mostly small and remote places , is about the cultivation of opium.
Reaching this minority is almost impossible. If you like white men succeed so it is guaranteed without mobile , it can be are explored , without camera and with a blindfold during a long and arduous journey.

But when you get there , in the village whose name you have forgotten , it is like moving a thousand years back in time.
Akha , is just the beginning of a long chain of all involved Burmese and Chinese traders.
As soon bloom capsules been harvested , they are transported on the Mekong River to Shan region or country to Yannan .

These areas are moved opium into heroin and via Kunming , the capital of Yannan , the largest trading takes transported heroin further into China.

10 tons of opium , it becomes one ton of heroin that ultimately smuggled into the different regions of China , Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
Small quantities are said to go through China, Russia into Europe and a new transport route into Scandinavia seems to be via the bar’s oceans and northern Russia, down over the mountain regions , by completely unguarded border areas in Finland , Sweden and Norway.

About Golden Triangle produces 700-800 tonnes per year (figures from 2011 to 2012 ) , it means that the Golden Triangle can not satisfy South Asia with heroin. Therefore traded it into heroin from Afghanistan to Guangzhou and western region of Xinjiang.
The main transportation route is via Eastern Tajikstan heroin from Afghanistan.

It’s probably not as strange as you might think to Guangzhou again turn out in these contexts.
Guangzhou, was a central location for the opium trade during the first Opium War in the 1830 ‘s and comes back , it may be because the same families , or syndicate still is involved , the question is close .

But then it was a collaboration with the East India Company in London and the British Royal Family .
According to the Bangkok Post and the Thai police were 1200 people in the northern region for smuggling trials of drugs into Thailand .
Mainly poor farmers .

It is estimated that hundreds of tons of various drugs lies buried by the border between Burma and Thailand while waiting for opportunity to come up in the daylight.

These are manufactured in Myanmar’s northern parts of the minority groups , but of course , both the military and the police involved to some extent .
Now I will write upon opium – the novel and the main character Adrian’s journey from England to China via India and his trade in opium, which starts at 1830 from the quayside beside the River Thames and The Teahouse of Jerusalem.

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