Opium, the golden triangle

The other day we decided to keep us up at one of the checkpoints near Doi Mae Salong , police were unusually active in the area, after a tip.
A man named Kua 39 years old and his girlfriend , hear Oonsang 29 years was arrested with ten kilograms Crystal , methamphetamine and nine million baht in cash.

On the way to one of their customers in Chiang Mai, they were seized by the police from , department of Special Investigation (DSI ) and the local police region 5th
The two are members of one of the many Burmese gangs that live on , including drug transport.

The league leaders who also are involved in other forms of trafficking , Lt. Col. Yi See is wanted in Thailand Police in Thailand produces 5 million baht , about 1 million seconds to whoever provides tips that lead to arrest.

Pol Col Paisit Wongmnang , Director of DSI , said that the two will have approximately 500,000 baht for each journey they undertake.
DSI , got the tip from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Admin (DEA ) to a large delivery was on time in the district.

On the road from the checkpoint , which I photographed , we went through one of the prisons that are clearly visible from the road, north of Chiang Rai.
If you have only seen these walls, I do not understand how you can think of smuggling across these borders .

The walls and barbed wire along with the dark cell windows for some just give a picture of a cornfield outside is incredibly scary.
Through our motorcycle wanted to turn . A regular day in the Golden Triangle .

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