Opium the way to Hell!

There is no doubt that the Golden Triangle has regained its golden reputation as Southeast Asia’s most producing area of Opium. At the moment of writing, I am sitting on one of the mountainstops next to the border of Myanmar, formerly Burma ,this is bringing me inspiration for planning my next novel series, Opium .

I started this a few years ago to collect facts and contacts to enable my job , and this is where it should all begin.

The novel series’ first part will be about the first Opium War between Britain and China, in 1838 and on into the second war, which I thought would be the last.

But I think, looking at present trends, there will probably be another war .

Meanwhile, so much has happened in the Golden Triangle .

When I wrote the “under the river triology” there were mountain people in many places, in the Triangle especially in Thailand, investing in alternatives, legal productions of flowers, vegetables, various forms of textile production, expanded rice paddies and other small businesses .

Projects like the Thai royal family has been a big reason for that and for the mountain people in Thailand meant much in their economic development.

But despite Thailand’s good will to increase production in the Triangle and when the prices of the alternative products is stationary and the price of opium increases take the poor farmer profitable opportunity for themselves .

The price of opium from the field , has about a year passed from 9.000 sec per kilogram to about 12,000 sec and very little of it goes to those who work with a very risky job for the landowner , which in many cases is their neighbor , with a gun during sleeping place .
Says a well experienced person who claims himself been involved in shipments to China.
The need in China, Hong Kong and Macau is so large that Thailand’s police chief calls the time of “happy hour” for the region’s drug traffickers .
UNODC ( United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime ) , believe that China , Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan consume 70 % percent of all heroin used in the East Asia region.

Demand is so strong in China that the Golden Triangle can not produce enough to satisfy the market of millions depend .
We believe that China uses about 65 tons of heroin, it is not enough heroin in the Golden Triangle, so heroin from Afghanistan is also smuggled into China , said a spokesman for the UNODC .

This despite the fact that opium production increased by 100 % since 2006.
Almost all of opium is refined nowadays in the region which now supplies about 10% of the world’s heroin needs annually .
This also means that the region now has hundreds of small laboratory out in the jungle bushes.

These small lab produces hundreds of millions methamfetamin pill every year, and also at least as much Ice , a more stimulant drug .
Moreover, Ya- Ya- ma and ba .

Ya- ma is a drug which is mostly used to handle the hard work for a long time . For example, in the manufacturing industry where slavery exists , where the employee must work at least 14 hours a day and with a very short break for food in the workplace.
The drug is used very well in all forms of prostitution and sex trafficking . Ma means horse.

Ya- ba , is a much more dangerous drug. Ba, means crazy and those who use it often tend to act like one. Often, and in connection with the brawl, murder or ill-treatment has been shown that the Ya- ba occurred.

UNOCD , think the market is about 250 thousand million , in Swedish kronor .

Eastern Burma in Shan region , northern Laos , southern part of China Yannan Province and northern Thailand , the Golden Triangle is still the most lawless region on earth, but also one of the most beautiful and harmless to the tourists who avoid drugs.

Shan region is the second largest opium -producing region after Afghanistan.
In Laos , around the region Muang Long is perfect to cultivate Opium Flower , Papaver Somniferum , which is the only one of the approximately 200 species Poppy Flowers that give opium.

The area is perfect with the Mekong River , which has Myanmar, Laos and Thailand for the sides and top in southern China , Yannan area.
In my novels Over The River , I have previously described the eternal beings and the Mekong River .

October is the month in which the seed of the poppy occurs and 3 kg of poppy seeds is enough for 1 acre meadow, that after sowing stands in its fraudulent beautiful flowering until harvest time in February when the capsules are pruned up to 10 times in the afternoon.

A light latex -like substance coming out of the capsule that may stand until the following morning , to then harvested on its black dark opium.
The color of the latex modified during the night hours .

Akha , a tribe that lives mostly in very secluded areas of the Triangle, is among the poorest tribal people in the mountain region.
The only thing they can grow corn , rice and opium, it is their only source of income.

Corn fields which are mostly small and remote places , is about the cultivation of opium.
Reaching this minority is almost impossible. If you like white men succeed so it is guaranteed without mobile , it can be are explored , without camera and with a blindfold during a long and arduous journey.

But when you get there , in the village whose name you have forgotten , it is like moving a thousand years back in time.
Akha , is just the beginning of a long chain of all involved Burmese and Chinese traders.
As soon bloom capsules been harvested , they are transported on the Mekong River to Shan region or country to Yannan .

These areas are moved opium into heroin and via Kunming , the capital of Yannan , the largest trading takes transported heroin further into China.

10 tons of opium , it becomes one ton of heroin that ultimately smuggled into the different regions of China , Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.
Small quantities are said to go through China, Russia into Europe and a new transport route into Scandinavia seems to be via the bar’s oceans and northern Russia, down over the mountain regions , by completely unguarded border areas in Finland , Sweden and Norway.

About Golden Triangle produces 700-800 tonnes per year (figures from 2011 to 2012 ) , it means that the Golden Triangle can not satisfy South Asia with heroin. Therefore traded it into heroin from Afghanistan to Guangzhou and western region of Xinjiang.
The main transportation route is via Eastern Tajikstan heroin from Afghanistan.

It’s probably not as strange as you might think to Guangzhou again turn out in these contexts.
Guangzhou, was a central location for the opium trade during the first Opium War in the 1830 ‘s and comes back , it may be because the same families , or syndicate still is involved , the question is close .

But then it was a collaboration with the East India Company in London and the British Royal Family .
According to the Bangkok Post and the Thai police were 1200 people in the northern region for smuggling trials of drugs into Thailand .
Mainly poor farmers .

It is estimated that hundreds of tons of various drugs lies buried by the border between Burma and Thailand while waiting for opportunity to come up in the daylight.

These are manufactured in Myanmar’s northern parts of the minority groups , but of course , both the military and the police involved to some extent .
Now I will write upon opium – the novel and the main character Adrian’s journey from England to China via India and his trade in opium, which starts at 1830 from the quayside beside the River Thames and The Teahouse of Jerusalem.

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