Prostitution has existed since ancient times and involves the trading of sexual favors. It is also classified as the world’s oldest occupation.

It’s a controversial topic to bring up and it the laws governing it varies a lot around the world. In many countries, prostitution is still legal and promotes tourism, as many tourists go there to exploit boys, girls, women and men. Legal prostitution is a billion dollar industry.

The economin value of illegal prostitution is more difficult to estimate since it occurs in many private homes. Pornography on the Internet and TV is also a billion dollar industry.

There are many different types of prostitution, ranging from luxury brothels, to whore houses, street prostitution and prostitution through websites, and more. Many refugees who have fled from war and other miseries will unfortunately end up in prostitution since they do not always get the help they need to avoid it. Many are forced into homelessness and begging, and are often used as sex slaves.

Many have to sell their bodies to even have a chance to survive in these communities.

In 2009, the USA classified sex trade as the major part of human trafficking, claiming that 79% of all trafficking relates to prostitution. Sex trafficking and prostitution is rated as the fastest growing slave trade in the world. Those of you who thought that slavery did not exist in this modern era, think again.

Many children are sold into the global sex trade each year, usually kidnapped from families or taken as orphans so that no-one misses them. Sometimes families even sell them to pimps to have a chance to survive, a practice most common in Thailand, the Philippines , Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal and India.

This is a big problem and unfortunately so many turn a blind eye to its existence and just brushes it off their shoulders as if it was something ugly –without asking what it is that drives someone some so far into a dangerous world where many die too soon.

Obviously, we at Bee with us thinks it is a shame that prostitution exists, and that there is an acceptance of human trafficking in society.

We are here to protect the people who are forced into prostitution against their will. Kidnapping and trafficking are extremely common, and the Internet makes it come even closer to us.

Help us to help these children and adults to a better life – support Bee with us by letting people know we exist and by giveing aid directly to local organizations in need.