The construction firm, sexslaves and other important information

Trafficking of children , young women and women in general , for sex in the world is huge .
Trafficking in women and men for slave work in the industry and on farms in the countryside throughout Asia , Europe, Africa and South America reaches the limit.
Well over 20 million mäniskor .
Sex slave trade in the Baltic States , the Balkans , Russia and throughout Europe, including our countries in Scandinavia have gone so far that the police and authorities lose grip and gets very little money in order to take in turn the problems.
All police forces, customs units , politicians, administrators and investigators at the UN. U.S. international intelligence police, journalists , media professionals and even ordinary people who travel, read, see and hear, know this.
Authorities and organizations , EU, UN and ILO and others are incredibly talented investigating with millions of pages narration of these facts.
I have tried to take me through a few thousand of them , and while it’s being investigated, written and then read by the authors’ colleagues in the various organizations who then dunks each other in the backs and think that the investigations are amazing, traded it even more with the people .
How the fuck can it be possible that a person can take a young girl on the way home from school , rape her , kidnap her and then sell her at auction to any brothel in Europe.
Moreover, as can be proved is that people within the above organizations are themselves occupant and customers.
There are already quotations from reports previously written in and Facebook.
EU with Cecilia Malmström in spettsen doing a good job , but the countries included contract turns her back.
These countries’ police know what the different is about 50 leagues , including the Italian Comoran who had been most active in the Balkans with trafficking of young women.

For some ancient tradition , fear, and possibly loss of commissions absent also force law against traders and merchants.
For traffickers great joy , do not have police, customs and other opposing organizations more time than , possibly eight hours per day.
They need to take time to plan their vacations, implement it, then after returning to work, talk about it for another week .
Go to a number of planning meetings , budget meetings and team meetings and try to create a realistic vision for the business.
Meanwhile, traders are working around the clock , without any holiday, with hard cash discipline and with a clear vision .
This document shall not be five hundred pages long, but an inciter of interest to what is going on in the world with the hope that all of you readers can start to bother you.
Almost two months ago , I sat and some friends in a berry-like building, not far from the border with Myanmar , formerly Burma, and discussed the situation in the country.
I wrote a bit about it on and Facebook recently .
One of those at the table , an outspoken journalist who, because of their desire to convey reality , had to leave the country.
He told how the military was involved in the unprovoked killing of tribe Rohingya and how these mäniskor sold out to various sites in neighboring countries.
Sold out in child sex trafficking , brothels and as slaves in various industries.

For about three weeks ago , it came to the Thai military’s attention that approximately three hundred Rohingya held in captivity outside Hat Yai in southern Thailand.
In a dense jungle area supervised by , heavily armed mäniskohandlare held these mäniskor for several days before the trip would go ahead with the boats.
The military learned about this by a person who lived in a nearby village and press people from the Phuketwan received the invitation to participate in conjunction with the planned crackdown.
Unfortunately, all came too late , the camp was empty and only a variety belongings were around five hundred square meters large area.
Clothes that testified to women ‘s and men’s presence.
Toys and headbands who testified that many children were included in the group, who attributed all the means are available, could not be found.
Later in my trip up in the north, before the adventure among the Akha people to get me all knowledge of opium, I learned that the Thai military is threatening journalists and outspoken .
They threaten with imprisonment up to five years if anything negative is written on its activities and already have two journalists from Reuters and one from Phuketwan felt the military approach.
At this writing , it will further cases which are worth to take in, read on Google and Phuketwan .
Return to opium and the search for the historic venue of the people in the Golden Triangle .
It’s led to end up in the intoxication after the novel ” The construction company ” becomes clear and the script lies with the publisher , for some time . If you bother to read further after Opium , I will , briefly explaining what ” construction company ” contains .
Opium has really captivated me and I will be heavily dependent for two years.

The thing that fascinates me is that all the roads out of the Golden Triangle has been known over a hundred years , to the resorts for the distribution and production of heroin, were the same and that production will increase by about twenty percent per year.
Refinement production also increases , that means a couple of hundred small sites where hiding in the huge mountains in the Triangle.
They manufacture most Ice , Ya- ma , Ya- ba addition to heroin .
It takes ten kilograms of opium to make one kilogram of heroin and grown hundreds of thousands of tons of opium in the area.
Today’s distribution in China, heroin , leads me to believe that the same families who handled it for over a hundred years ago , is still the same , but they have probably become more powerful , rich then about eighteen million Chinese are heroin addicts and they do not belong to the poor farmer in the country.
They come from the middle class and above.
The transport pathways supplemented and in addition to the class ‘s roads from the Balkans into Europe and from Holland in the north , all the unguarded regions between China than to Russia and further into Scandinavia.
All countries around us have unguarded borders.
Adrian’s journey has begun , the protagonist of the novel Opium and below you can see now the wave I got with me from the village with the opium -growing Akhafolket which was in full swing to reap its latex.

In the novel, you will follow six families in seven days , from Saturday to Saturday.
The different families all have some sort of relation to construction activities.
A family runs a construction company , north of Stockholm , with many Polish , Latvian, Estonian and Russian friends .
The other runs a painting business and rent while out Baltic labor.
The third is the police and uses her friends’ skills during an investigation that leads to the crackdown in reality.
The fourth work in the bank which helps several Baltic entrepreneurs to pay invoices to the Baltics, and also equity investments.
The fifth is an employee of a well-known U.S. owned bank that specializes in the investment of capital in large scale and where the word money laundering from the construction industry is not a concern. He also Estonian labor to help him with a private house building and as he drives as slaves for six thousand a month .
The sixth run a cleaning company , a management consulting and extensive rental of non Swedish labor including a brothel.
Some moves in gråsonen , some in the pitch-black son .
Everyone knows each other and benefit from each others kunnanden in the industry.
City of Stockholm and the banks pay out money to unregistered companies.
Banks help with paying bills abroad , the Baltics, attributed to the invoice issuance activity does not exist.
We will move us in the suburbs of Stockholm where prostitution , drugs and death are a part of everyday life in a part of the construction industry and builds you as readers will recognize as the novel builds to parts on real events.


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