To all of you from us att Beewithus

On many occasions since the start of, we have received questions as to how you can help.

I have at all times posted and said that, if you are to donate, give the money to the small local businesses in the specific places, that is something we still want you to do.

But for us to reach out with beewithus to those who need to know and learn about traffickin, we also need funding.
Therefore, I must get back to all of you who previously offered donations to Beewithus, if you are still out there give contribution to the business by clicking on the donation buttons or on the menu up top where it says donate.

To all others who want to make a contribution to beewithus, I would again clarify that these funds go to building out beewithus and not to any existing orphanages.

It may mean, depending on the amount of funds that we engage orphanage and youth activities within our borders.
Trafficking and sacrifice is nothing that only occurs outside our borders but it also happens here, very close to us.
It is very well established in our country and it is growing. Let us try to make things better together united.

Staffan N

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