How does Bee With Us work?

Through existing and future networks, we will contact individuals, organizations and businesses across all borders.

Through you, or through existing channels, we seek contacts with individuals or organizations in a number of countries, such as Laos , Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Nepal, the Philippines and Bangladesh.

The person or company we choose to work with then analyzes the various local relief operations with regards to their background, economics curricula and history. Schools and homes should be founded on education.

The data will be reported back to Bee with us, which posts it on the website with relevant links and information.

In this way, Bee with us spreads the knowledge of its simple information activity to all available messengers, and hope the receiver will understand the possibilities.


Bee with us does not collect money, nor will we in the future.

We will only pass on the knowledge of those who need funding for their operations.

If we nevertheless receive funds, they will be used entirely to develop this project.