Why Bee With Us?

There are a lot of organizations out there, many working in the same way, many competing.

Many organizations are skilled at reaching out to and spreading knowledge through the media, and many are skilled at collecting funds for distribution within their own operations, and several have too big an internal political burden along with a dire need of funds of their own.

There is a need for more organizations spreading knowledge about trafficking – if this is due to cowardice, fatigue or just weakness, we do not know.
But we do know that we are currently looking at the largest slave trade that has ever existed in the world.

We know that the slave trade was abolished long ago, and condemned by all states of the world, but the sex trade and the sex slaves remains and the industry only grows. We need to start another war to stop this, or is it enough that we knock at the door of the UN and get them to join Bee with us?

We also know that a lot of the fish we eat in Europe and other parts of the world comes from Asia, or are just being packed there by children after the fish has been harvested from Norwegian water.

If we stop this, we might no longer have peeled shrimp on the dinner table .

Therefore, Bee with us conveys knowledge and helps to stop all trafficking of children in the sex and production industries.

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